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Patio Style Umbrella's

PatioStyle sells Quality shade solutions online. We offer a carefully selected range of umbrella's and shade sails which are durable and pleasing to the eye. 

Aluminium Umbrella's are the way forward. PatioStyle only delivers quality aluminium patio umbrella's which will not rust or rot. Our designer outdoor umbrella's are durable and will provide proper shade for years to come! Our Premium Textilene Covers have a UV protection factor of +50!!! Spares are locally available!

 Wallmounted Patio Umbrellas


Easysol Ecru small

Paraflex Wallmount

Easysoll 2.5m hexagonal Taupe colour R3499-00

 Paraflex 2.7m hexagonal 10 colours R7095-00

 Centre Pole Patio Umbrellas

Parflex Centre Pole Umbrella Roma Infina Umbrella

Paraflex 2.7m hexagonal choice of 10 colours from R3250

 Infina 3m/3.5m hexagonal choice of 10 colours from R7650-00

 Cantilever Patio Umbrellas

Paraflex Polemounted Umbrella Spectra 2,5m square Spectra 3m round

Paraflex Polemount 2.7m choice of 10 colours from  R10999-00

Spectra 2.5m square choice of 10 colours from R20455-00

Spectra 3 m round  choice of 10 colours from  R19995-00

Icarus Umbrella Icarus Umbrella Shade Sail

Rimbou Designer Umbrella from R29995-00

Eclipse Designer Umbrella from R29695-00

Ingenua Shade Sails different shapes and colours from R 4899-00


Our selection is made on the basis of strict criteria such as Quality of materials, assembly, ingenuity of the design, functionality and easthetic creativity. Our outdoor umbrella's and height adjustable shade sails are of the higher end quality. Still extra care needs to be taken in case of situations of severe and unexpected weather conditions. That is why we demand of our umbrella and shade sails that replacement components are locally available when worn or damaged.

For more information visit the Umbrosa Paraflex SA website :



Lighted Ice Bucket

lighted furniture

Lighted Furniture



"Thank you to your staff for such professional conduct and politeness"

"Many thanks, the poles arrived on Friday as scheduled. I've put them up and they work well and are very nicely made. We are delighted with them " Bill B

"Your product is of a superior quality and it was very refreshing to receive goods from an new supplier with out any delays."




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