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Paraflex Wall Mounted Umbrella


Paraflex Wallmounted Umbrella med


Because the sun constantly moves along wouldn't it be nice to move your sun umbrella too? Have the shade you require wherever you need it.

Paraflex Wall mounted parasols.

The unique and patented Paraflex umbrella system provides the solution for so many shade requirements in domestic or commercial use. It removes the need for a heavy, clumbersome base and en centre pole which is nearly allways in the way by using a flexiable wall mounted arm. This flexiable umbrella arm gives a massive wide arc of movement and with the added benifit of a tilting function this unique umbrella helps combat early morning and late afternoon sun.

The Paraflex system has a superb modern design, is very robust made from high grade aluminium and is still easy to handle and manage during the day giving far more sun protection ability than nearly every other umbrella and awning system available.

Wallmounted umbrella

Why is it unique?
The umbrella system is unique mainly due to its simple design principal. A full 180 degree of movement (or more when mounted on the pole or a corner) gives great flexibility for shading where required.

It is highly adaptable because of the various poles and accessories available, which allows the Paraflex system to be installed onto almost any building.The umbrella is easily mounted into the patented clamp system to be the same as a person holding a large umbrella over you and moving the position as required when the sun moves.

You can leave the umbrella in the arm mounting system and place a optional protection cover over or remove to store very easily.

The Paraflex Parasol is a 2.7m diameter Hexagonal umbrella and is available choice of  10 Premium range colours with a sun UV protection factor of +50!!   Premium range: 190gr/m2 with a 3 year warranty for discolouration.

Wallmounted Paraflex umbrella

Paraflex Wall Mounting system :
The wall mounting bracket has a 300mm variance in height adjustment as standard and is mounted to the wall with 2 screws (not supplied). It is an aluminium section to which the umbrella holder is attached. You have the option of either a standard 1850mm long arm or a longer 2350mm arm to hold the umbrella out each with one hinged point for extra movement in either direction.

Click here for the Paraflex wallmounted umbrella technical drawing with dimensions.


  Price R7095-00


Stone Grey




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Need a Paraflex Protection Cover?

Protection Cover



Paraflex Wall Mount Umbrella2.5m SQUARE with new evolution arm :

2.5m square Paraflex wallmount umbrella za


wallmounted umbrella gauteng

wallmounted Paraflex umbrella South Africa

wallmounted umbrella Johannesburg


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